What is Your Goal?


I am really enjoying working with Trippe.  He has been a tremendous help to me in reaching my fitness goals over the past two years by tailoring my training program with the right level of exercise coupled with constant motivation.  At my age, my biggest issues revolve around my muscle balance and Trippe has a terrific knowledge of physiology, so we are making great progress.

Gary T

I have been a client of Forward Fitness for the last amazing 6 months. My body has never looked better. Trippe Roloff is able to make my workouts fun, intense, and interesting all at the same time. I’m never bored and always look forward to our next workout.
Trippe was able to customize my workouts that meets my need for strength without too much muscle mass, agility, flexibility, and stamina.

I’ve worked with many personal trainers in the past but I have to say that Trippe Roloff and Forward Fitness definitely stands out as one of the best. An excellent choice if you want a partner to help you meet your fitness goals.

Peter N